Release The Lions

Post Punk Rock.  Some things you just can’t lump in a group with others.  This emotionally driven rock is the creation of Jessica Jean Sinkool and some of here most valued musical friends.  Together they form Release The Lions, an ever growing collection of high energy music that will make you move.  Music influences include, but are in no way limited to:  Refused, Clash, No doubt, Garbage, Led Zeppelin, New Bomb Turks, 60′s thru 90′s pop music, 80′s and 90′s punk music, Miles Davis, deadmau5, Nine Inch Nails, The Gorillaz, The Beatles,  Bob Marley and many more.


15 Minutes

Album Credits

1. 15 Minutes 3:26
2. ! 3:09
4. Forever 3:29
5. Feed Me Love 3:49
6. Addiction Problems 3:07
7. Moving On 2:19
8. Paranoid 4:20


Star Crossed Love

Album Credits

1. Strike A Match 3:06
2. Star Crossed Lover 3:15
3. Waiting/Anticipating 3:48
4. So Many Times 3:35

Jessica Jean

Acoustic Rhythm Rock circling around melody lines and counter beats.  Jessica Jean Sinkool started playing the guitar early in Elementary school.  It wasn’t long before she started writing and composing her own songs in high school.  With practice and plenty of musical influence she started to shape up here voice and tighten up her songs.  Jessica Jean is addicted to change and is very evident in her music style.  She likes to keep the melody and rhythm moving and the energy changing.  Lyrically strong and musically versatile, all of J.J’s songs are very unique and similar in their own way.


Jessica Jean Acoustic

Album Credits

1. That’s Just The Way It Is 3:16